JUST FILMS is a catalan audiovisual production company with a lot of experience in the cinema and television industry managed by Juan Ginard. Among his production we find mystery/sci-fi movies of high quality, TVmovies for the national television consumption and contemporary cutting edge films. Some of them have turned in classic and most of them have been rewarded all over the world.

THE NAMELESS, is the first feature film from Just Films. Directed by Jaume Balagueró, it became a national and international success, winning the Gold Méliès Award for the Best European Fantasy Film and numerous international prizes at Fantasy Film Festivals in Brussels, Rome,  Porto, Korea, Sitges, etc.        

At the end of the same year began the production of another full-length fiction film, SECOND NAME (2002), directed by Paco Plaza. The film was co-produced with CASTELAO PRODUCTIONS S.A. and distributed by SOGEDASA (FILMAX), one of Spain’s foremost audio-visual groups. This feature film was awarded the Silver Méliès Award for Best European Fantasy Film at the International Film Festival of Catalonia (Sitges 2002).

Between 2004 and 2006 produce 3 TVmovies titled LYING TO THE LIFE, OMAR MARTÍNEZ and FAMILY LIFE, awarded in several tvmovie film festival.
 In 2005, Just Films co-produced a new Jaume Balagueró́ film entitled FRAGILE, a disturbing thriller along the same lines as his previous work. CALISTA FLOCKHARD, of Ally McBeal fame, RICHARD ROXBURGH, and Spanish actress ELENA ANAYA were part of a star-packed cast. The film attracted national audiences of over half a million and was also an international success, being taken up and distributed across most major markets. It won the GOYA 2006 for Best Special Effects.

In 2007, Just Films Just Films took over post-production from Quimelca on the drama WELCOME TO FAREWELL-GUTMANN. This movie was directed by Xavi Puebla and starred Ana Fernández, Adolfo Fernández, Lluís Soler and Héctor Colomé. WELCOME TO FAREWELL-GUTMANN premiered on July, 2008, and won the Best Screenplay award at the Festival du Films du Monde de Montreal ’08. Just Films also collaborated on the independent documentary AQUA, THE RED RIVER, directed by Manel Almiñana and co-produced by Quimelca.

The same year shot the comedy THE BIG OLD HOUSE, directed by Pau Martínez and co-starring Fele Martínez, Inma Cuesta and Ángel de Andrés. THE BIG OLD HOUSE had the premiere in the cinemas last April, 2009.

In 2008, in collaboration with Escándalo Films and TV3, Just Films co-produced TRASH, directed by Carles Torras, premiered on November, 2009. It’s an urban drama about the superficiality of human relationships in the modern world. Nowadays Just Films is about to shoot the thriller TRANSGRESSION, directed by Enric Alberich with Michael Ironside and Maria Grazia Cucinotta playing the main characters.



Producciones Cibeles is an independent producer with an extensive experience in the field of the audiovisual media and production for cinema and television. Our Company covers an extensive field within production: cinema, television, advertising, music, executive, editorial, etc. as well as different sectors dedicated to the fields of image and design. We count on the latest technological advancements (High Definition, 3D, VFX and stereoscopy) to offer a great variety of services in the fields of creativity, image and design.

In the field of fiction, Producciones Cibeles co-produced the TV Movie “Family Life” (2007) directed by Llorenç Soler and starring Ana Fernández and Mercedes Samprieto; “The big old house” (2008) directed by Pau Martinez and starring Fele Martinez, Ángel López and Inma Cuesta. It is currently producing the feature film “Transgression“ (Italy – Spain – Canada) directed by Enric Alberich and starring Michael Ironside and Maria Grazia Cucinotta.

In television production, the programme 75 minutes stands out as a documental-reality for Canal Sur TV, currently in its fourth season of broadcasting. “La musica es la pista” is a show for the Valencian autonomic TV that had a great success with over 1175 programs. Besides, the primetime show “Hacemos el humor” directed by Tomas Summers. “Con la primera al 2007” y “Con la primera al 2006” for TVE, a show of over eight hours of broadcast and 70 live acts. The late night "Colgados con Manu" and "De la Mano de..." with more than sixty episodes. 

Producciones Cibeles has also produced more than fifty musical shows and live programs for Antena 3, Via digital, Canal Sur, TVE, such as: “Festival de Cine Iberoamericano”, “Galas de Verano Canal Sur”, “Homenaje a Camaron”, “Homenaje a Carlos Cano”. Productions for theme channels such as “Hecho por Ella” and “Ella y Jardin” (more than 100 episodes). The post production of documentaries such as “Educando para la vida, Perú”, “Educando para la vida, Filipinas”; Fundación Codespa. Advertisement spots for Grupo Joly, Movistar and Grupo Prisa.