The director

Enric Alberich is passionate about cinema. This is why, after receiving his degree in philosophy, he worked as a critic, journalist and cinematographic essayist for numerous publications, achieving notable prestige as a film theorist.

He is the author of the books Alfred Hitchcock, the power of the image (1987), Martin Scorsese, living through cinema  (1999) and Key movies from the historical movement cinema  (2009). He currently writes for the La Vanguardia newspaper’s weekly cultural supplement.

After working as Assistant Director on several different productions, in 1983 he wrote and directed his first professional short film, Tie Break, which was selected for several international film festivals. Soon after he directed another short film, Eternal history (1985), selected by the Alcala de Henares Film Festival for a special feature on the best Spanish short films of the eighties.

Visions of a stranger (1990) was his first feature film, a highly personal film which obtained the Actors and Directors Association Award for the best actor of the year (Pep Munné) and which was selected for Figueira da Foz's International

In the following years he worked as director and executive producer on many pop music videos, with his video for Any Given Wednesday (1992) garnering a number of awards.

In 2001, Alberich directed the TV film One day, one night, defined by critics as an “intense and sensitive" drama. In 2004 he directed another made-for-TV movie, Red Sea, a thriller featuring Spanish star Maribel Verdú which has enjoyed international success. 

TRANSGRESSION is his second thriller and as he himself puts it, it is a movie where he continues to demonstrate a remarkable ability to portray characters and their feelings.

In this movie, the director seeks to do something new, to record his vision from zero avoiding influences, but at the same time allowing them to show on the subtext of the film. According to Alberich, TRANSGRESSION is a film that “needs rythm”, and therefore will have a fast editing pace. This film will be completely different from his first feature film, Visions of a Stranger, but will have some points in common with Red Sea, especially on the style, light and rythm; even if this movie will be shot in a panoramic format that allows to go beyond while playing with the image, and therefore will allow a deeper spectacle. 

Alberich is a director who seeks to portrait the complexity of the characters and his inner world; his taste for questioning the human mind and behaviour that makes his characters real, with virtues and defects, without artificiality. This brings them more realism and facilitates the identification with the public.