The Transgression Cast is up to its script with excellent actors who bring the strength and the nuances necessary to their characters, showing them in their entire splendor.

Starting with a magnificent Michael Ironside (Total Recall) as Matthew; the charachter of the sensual Elenais played by the Italian Actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta (The Postman); Fabio Fulco (Broken Wings) is Ivaylo; Carlos is played by the Spanish Actor Carlos Bardem (Cell 211); Brendan Price (Exorcismus) is Geoffrey;  Ivana Miño (Buried) is Tanya; Yon Gonzalez (Mentiras y Gordas) is Helio, and Jonathan Keltz (Entourage) is David, Matthew’s son. 

And, who’s behind all of this? Marc Gonzalez is the author of the original screenplay, based on an original idea of the Executive Producer Joan Ginard, director of the Catalan Producer Company Just Films, and the person in charge of the Direction of the whole orchestra is the writer and film critic Enric Alberich.

The technical team is completed by Xavier Gil as Director of Photography; the Line Producer is Angeles Hernandez, and the Art team is lead by Maite Sánchez. Alessandro Boscolo is in charge of the Sound Recording, and Ernest Blasi is responsible for the Editing. Last, we have Fran Cruz in charge of Wardrobe, and Eva Ginard as the main Make-up Artist, assisted by Imma Capell for the specific make-up of Maria Grazia Cucinotta.

Transgression is a Just Films production, in co-production with Filmmaker (Italy) and Pop6 (Canada), a project shot entirely in English and with clear international ambitions. 


Michael Ironside is a canadian actor, producer and screenplay writer with a wide curricula in movies and TV shows, either Canadian and American. Fame came to him thanks to his role as the resistance member Ham Tyler at the TV show “V”; after, he had important roles in mythical films of the 80s such as Top Gun (1986) as Jester; Total Recall (1990) as Richter.

In the 90’s Michael had roles in several TV shows, among them the third season of SeaQuest DSV (1993-1996) as Capitain Oliver Hudson; later, he took part on the first episodes of the TV show  ER Emergency Room (1994 – 2009). Ironside also played secondary characters in cult films such as Free Willy (1993) and The New Karate Kid (1994), where he played the evil Coronel Dugan.

With the new millennium, Ironside continued his career participating in movies such as The Perfect Storm (2000); The Machinist (2004) or Terminator Salvation (2009). He also appeared as guest star in TV shows such as Desperate Housewives, Smallville or Andromeda as the patriarch.

 Thanks to his intense and powerful register, Ironside has worked on several dubbings of videogames for PSP such as Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Essentials y Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, among others. He also put gave voice to the villain Darkseid at the cartoon series Superman, among others. 

Michael Ironside counts almost 200 films in his career, having the perfect majestic looks for the playing tough and evil characters.


Maria Grazia Cucinotta is a polifacetic actress who started her career as a model to later work as an actress and producer. She has worked on more than thirty films and had roles on more than twenty TV shows. Her debut was in the 90s with the successful comedies “Vacanze di Natale’90” and its sequel “Vacanze di Natale’91”. 

A huge star in Italy, her international success arrived with the role of Beatrice Russo at the film The Postman (1994) directed by Michael Radford and also thanks to her role as a Bond girl at the film The world is not enough.

Later, she played Susana at the Spanish feature film The day of the Beast, directed by Alex de la Iglesia. With the criminal drama The Spirit of Brooklyn she had her debut in Hollywood. She participated in very successful Italian comedies such as “I Laureati” or “Camere da letto”. At “La seconda moglie” she played a woman who cheats on her husband with her step son, a film with high erotic content. At the year 2000, she played the character of a Mexican prostitute at the film Picking Up The Pieces; she also participated in Uranya and at the spy film Flores Negras. 

Her most relevant works for TV were the role of Maria Magdalena in the year 2000 for an Italian TV show, and the role of Lavinia at the TV show Pompey (2007). Also, she was guest star at The Sopranos and she dubbed a character at the animation series The Simpsons. 

FABIO FULCO is Ivaylo 

Fabio Fulco is an Italian star who has made 12 feature films and has a long career dedicated to the TV. His debut in cinema was on 1996 with the film “Donne in bianco”, directed by Tonino Pulci. One year later, he starred at the film Tea with Mussolini. Afterwards he had a role at the Italian soap opera “Vivere” broadcasted by Italian TV 5.

During the next years he took part in several alternative films and had successful participations in television, such as the two-episodes miniseries “Orgoglio”; “Incantesimo” and “Don Matteo”. 

In the 2005 he participated in the Italian TV show “Dancing with the Stars”. In the 2007 he played the character of Paolo Parsani in the TV show “Il giudice Mastrangelo”. Afterwards, he got the main role in the TV show “Gente di Mare”.  In the 2008 he had a role at the Italian film  “Crociera Vianello”. One of his last works has been participation at the miniseries “Artemisia Sánchez”, directed by Ambrogio Lo Giudice and featuring the actress Michelle Bonev as the main character.


Carlos Bardem is a Spanish actor, novelist and screenplay writer, son of Bardem and older brother of the Oscar winner Javier Bardem.

Durango Perdido is the title of the book he wrote to explain his vision of the shooting of the movie Perdita Durango, in which he also participated as an actor. In 1999 he received an award from the jury of the Nadal Awards for “Muertes ejemplares”, his first novel. With “Buziana o el peso del alma” he won the Destino Guión awards of the year 2002. 

He also wrote a biography of his mother, Pilar Bardem entitled “La Bardem”. His last novel’s title is “Alcarán enamorado”.

As an actor, he has worked on films such as “Torrente: el brazo tonto de la ley” (1998); “Volavérunt” (1999); “Princesas” (2005); “Che: Guerrilla” (2008); Cell 211 (2009), among other. He won an award to the best secondary actor for Cell 211.

IVANA MIÑO is Tanya 

Ivana Miño is an actress and dancer with a very intense and complete career. Her first movie, entitled “Guadalupe”, was shot in Mexico. Afterwards, she had a role in the movie “Reflections”, where she plays an C.S.I investigator.

Afterwards, she shot in Italy the feature film Night of the Sinner, an action movie with lots of action and special effects.  She has also collaborated in short films such as A tooth for an eye; A tangle of Yarn or “Laura en la cama”, among others.  She has also worked on Theater plays (Blau de Chartres; Volpone; Lost...); she has participated as a ballerina in several shows; she worked in different advertisements and also in TV shows (Los misterios de Laura; Dirígeme, el rescate; Infidels; Més dinamita, etc…).

In her last work, Buried she co-stars with Ryan Reynolds under the direction of Rodrigo Cortés. 


Brendan Price is a British actor with a great professional career in all of the fields of acting. Cinema, Theater and British and Spanish TV.  

In Spain, he has starred in several series (Quan es fa fosc;“Calle Nueva; Antivicio; Pitiuses Resort; Un chupete para ella; El comisario; Los hombres de Paco; La Señora, etc…). He has also worked on the successful TV show “El Internado”, where he coincided with Yon González. His work on the British TV is also extensive with series as: Jackanory; Man at the top; Target; Doctor Who; Emmerdale Farm and I dream.

He has also worked on many Spanish and British TV movies, among them (23-F The hardest day of the King; Perfecta Pell; El Partido; Hunters Walk; The Carrier Bag; Dollar for the dead; Robin of Sherwood; Murphy’s mob; Bad company; Hidden camera and CM 167, also starring Iv Ivana Miño).

As for his cinema career, he starred at the award winning debut of the director Jaume Balagueró The Nameless (1999), also produced by Just Films. He had roles at “La casa de las bellas durmientes”; Savage Grace starring Julianne Moore; and other Spanish projects (Fuga de cerebros; Exorcismus; Planes para mañana or El sueño de Iván).

In Theater, he has worked as the lead actor in more than 10 plays, among them: The three sisters; A man for all seasons; Look back in anger; Summer and smoke; The country wife and Woundings.


Yon González is a Young Spanish actor known for the role of Iván at the TV show “El Internado”; this role has granted him international recognition when in the 2009 he was nominated for the Best Drama Actor at the 49th edition of the Television Festival of Montecarlo.

Before this TV success, he had a role on the series SMS. With the short movie “Muñecos de Latex” he won an award for the best actor and the recognition from the sector. In the 2009 he starred on “Mentiras y Gordas”, a Spanish film that had a great national success among the youth public.

He has recently been contracted for the TV Show “Gran Reserva” and worked with Santiago Segura on “Torrente 4”.


Jonathan Keltz is a Young American actor who is famous for his role as Jake Steinberg at the TV show Entourage.

His debut was on 2004 at the show Radio Free Roscoe; in the same year he played Nate at the show Degrassi: The Next Generation. On the 2005 he worked in Cake with Heather Graham and Sandra Oh. Queer as Folk was his next work on Television.

During the next years he kept on acting on several TV shows as: 1-800-Missing; Dark Oracle; ReGeneris; Cold Case; The Cleaner; Heartland and CSI: Miami.

His television work was parallel to his roles in cinema, and he was in several movies since the 2005. His most highlighted works were: Mayday; Breach; Dadnapped and Acceptance. He currently has two projects to be released entitled Playback and Prom.